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what makes nomadic bee special?

In the back of beyond countryside of East India, live a community of landless bee-keepers. They are famed around the world for their unique traditional nomadic practice. They roam for many thousands of kilometers through the year, from Chhattisgarh, to Jharkhand to Bihar and even to Rajasthan in West India. Their quest - the juiciest seasonal flowers for their pet bees.

One season it is the Niger flower in Chhattisgarh, then Drumstick or Litchi in Bihar, then Karanj in Jharkhand, or Mustard in Rajasthan. This honey made painstakingly by the “Nomadic Bees” is much sought after in USA, Europe and Gulf countries.

Meri Gaiya brings you the same honey here in India. Unblended and pure. The way nature intended it to be. We call it the Nomadic Bee!

Taste it. Experience the health benefits. And you might well realise why it has been called the Food of Gods!

offering 100% Pure,
all-natural range of

nomadic bee range of HONEYs